Corderius College


The Corderius College is a Christian school for Lower General Secondary Education (Mavo 4yrs), Higher General Secondary Education (Havo 5yrs), Pre-University Education (Vwo – Atheneum – Gymnasium 6yrs – Latin and Greek) and Masterclass. The “Christian identity” is formed by numerous aspects: personal attention, the positive and pedagogical climate (PBS), room for reflection, religious studies lessons, thematic start of the day, religious celebrations such as  Christmas, Easter and Whitsunday, the Time Outs, our core values , the social internships,  the attention and effort for good causes and diaconal projects as well as the trips to Taizé, Dachau and Auschwitz.

Our school policy gives  “Space for Talent” and wishes to contribute in a way so that all students can develop their given talents.

The Corderius College is one of the few secondary schools in the Netherlands that functions as a PBS school in a European context. PBS stands for Positive Behaviour Support: systematically promoting desirable behaviour of all those involved. Starting from the PBS idea we stopped the anti-bullying projects, because everything that is given attention grows. We turn it around. We focus on positive group forming, because a positive atmosphere in a group, is the best guarantee against bullying. Therefore, in year 2 we start a project in which a trainer, together with the mentor, participate in assignments with the students to learn how to get to know each other better. Students noted that the atmosphere in the group improved, and that they feel free to be themselves.

In addition to the compulsory subjects, we also offer the students many extras to give them the opportunity to develop the talents they possess by giving them time and space to do so:



Students who want to and are able to excel, are given the opportunity to participate in the “Masterclass”. The students take the regular lessons in four days and one day a week the masterclass. Together with experts, the students work on different themes. Not only do we offer this select group of students the opportunity to develop their talents, but there is also room for curiosity, creativity and passion.


Cambridge English

From year 2 till 6, the students are able to take the exam for the First Certificate of Cambridge English (FCE), the Advanced Certificate of Cambridge English (CAE), or the highest obtainable diploma Proficiency Certificate (CPE). ) These diplomas offer the student easier access to a university or internship abroad.


Chinese as a national exam subject

Starting in year 2 students can take Chinese as a subject (taught by a native speaker) as a part of the curriculum, followed by an exam and obtain the acknowledged certificate Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi. In year 5, the students participate in an exchange with a school in Beijing China.

Time for Talent

For students who are interested, school offers a special program for beta education. During the so-called talent hours, students can take modules on astronomy, quantum mechanics, learn to program, “make concrete”, Nano technology, etc.


U-Talent masterclasses

The masterclasses are meant for students of Senior General Secondary Education (havo) and Pre-University Education from the fourth year and up, who are interested in Béta subjects. It provides students with tools to help plan their future education and offers inspiration for the exam research project (profielwerkstuk). The U-Talent masterclasses consist of one or two days, in which there is a mix between theory and practice. The days take place at the Science Park “de Uithof” in Utrecht.



When students do really well in school, they can apply for a “SCALA Pass”. This pass entitles them, in accordance with a coach, to be scheduled out of regular classes 3 hours a week (during 8 weeks). In these hours the students work on a chosen project of their interest to (further) develop their talent.


Science lab

Every Friday afternoon, students can work on their science project of choice (such as robotics, laser cutting, 3D printing) in the science lab at the school.

Top Sport

There are usually at least 10 to 15 students at the Corderius College who participate in sports at a high national level during their spare time. The school offers these students extra time to combine school activities with the obligations that go with participating in sports at that level (such as training, national and international tournaments).





Let op: phishingmail Iddink

Er worden op dit moment phishingmails verstuurd uit naam van Iddink Learning Materials. Let op: Iddink en de school vragen nooit om via e-mail, sms of telefoon persoonlijke gegevens te verstrekken.

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Werkzaamheden school

Vanaf maandag 1 juli 2024 wordt er gestart met de dakrenovatie van onze school. Het complete dak wordt voorzien van nieuwe dakisolatie, dakpannen en ongeveer 460 zonnepanelen. Dit alles zal tot ongeveer eind augustus duren.

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Examenleerlingen bestellen in deze periode regelmatig aanvullend examenmateriaal via de website van Iddink, maar door de cyberaanval is dat nu niet mogelijk. Hoe dan wel?

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Techniek ontdekken bij de Techclub

Ben jij geïnteresseerd in techniek? Of weet je niet zo goed wat je er mee kan? Kom dan eens langs bij T is for Tech om kennis te maken met de wereld van techniek!

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AD- mobieltjes in de school

Mooi artikel uit het AD Amersfoort over hoe het nu gaat op school na invoering verbod mobieltjes.

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Ieder kind moet kunnen meedoen

Onderwijs en alles wat daarbij komt kijken (o.a. schoolreisje, fiets, laptop, sport), moet toegankelijk zijn voor ieder kind. Stichting Leergeld Amersfoort biedt ondersteuning aan huishoudens met kinderen die het financieel moeilijk hebben.

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Per 1 januari 2023 zijn de Meerwegen scholengroep en het Meridiaan College op bestuurlijk niveau gefuseerd tot Stichting Meerscholen.

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Goed burgerschap

Een mooi artikel over hoe wij als school omgaan met sociale veiligheid en het tegengaan van pesten en discriminatie.

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Leaphy Easybloqs

Mooie nieuwe ontwikkeling bij robotica! Maak kennis met Leaphy Easybloqs: educatieve programmeersoftware voor robots. Zo wordt robotica toegankelijk voor iedereen!

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